API 200 Composite Material Shaker Screens for NOV Brandt

Product Details

Composite Material Shaker screens

Our composite material shaker screen is produced especially for matching with MI Swaco Mongoose shale shaker. The composite material is employed for producing the frame which is constructed with many stiffeners made of high-strength steel for interior structure supporting. This kind of structure can increase life span of the product and processing capacity for drilling fluid. It can divide the screen mesh into more small panels, which can help to distribute the mechanical stress evenly. Meanwhile, it will not affect the normal use of the product even when the mesh is torn up in some places.

Technical Parameters

Band and model of shaker





Number of layers

Screen material

Frame material

MI-Swaco Mongoose





SS304 or SS316

Composite material

NOV Brandt VSM300 primary screen





SS304 or SS316

Composite material

Compared with the product with metal back, our composite material shaker screen has lighter weight. Furthermore, it can be repaired easily. Due to the patented plug-repair system, the time for repairing the damage of the screen mesh is reduced largely and it only needs less than two minutes. When repairing the damaged screen mesh, there is no need for removing the damaged mesh as well as the processes of cutting, gluing and bonding the mesh. Only with a special plug can the problem of repairing the damaged mesh be solved.


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