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New products-Knitted wire mesh filters

The unique, interlocking wire loop  structure of knitted wire mesh provides many advantages over other materials for air and liquid filtration.

Our knitting process creates a material that, when layered, spiral wound or compressed, produces a tortuous path for highly effective particle capture. In fact, by careful selection of wire type, diameter, density and shape, it is possible to overcome challenging filtration problems that other materials find difficult to handle.

Knitted Mesh Comes In A Wide Variety Of Forms
Knitted mesh filters can be supplied in any metallic or non-metallic material that can be drawn into a filament. They are available in a wide variety of forms including mesh rolls, circular and rectangular pads, complete filters and compressed elements. Where necessary, metal alloys or plastics can be provided that are highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

Thermal & Shock Resistance In Wire Mesh Filters
The flexibility of knitted mesh enables the material to withstand  thermal shock and vibration without breaking up. This provides considerable advantages over paper and sintered filters and also permits a tight interference fit within housings without machining to close tolerances. Low-cost tooling enables the production of compressed elements that give a minimal pressure drop and also excellent recovery characteristics after compression.

Features & Benefits

Excellent filtration capability
Available in numerous metallic/non-metallic forms
Highly corrosion-resistant

Can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C
Low-cost manufacture using state-of-the-art knitting machinery

Typical Uses

Airbag slag filters
Air inlet/outlet filters for gas turbines and compressors
Air intake filters for automotive, agricultural and marine    engines
Bag separator layers or elements in dust collection systems
Coarse dust pre filters in heating and ventilating systems
Diesel particulate filters
Engine crankcase breather elements
Filters for paint spray plant air outlets
Fuel injector filters

Grease filters above kitchen ranges, cookers and charcoal grills
Intake filters on air compressors
Lint filters on washing machine outlet pipes
Noise attenuating filters in pneumatic tools
Oil filler cap breathers
Permanently sprayed dust filters for coalmines/quarries
Pre-filters and retaining/reinforcing cores in composite filters
Silencer packings for engine exhausts
Stainless Steel Foam Lance Gauze Mesh Filter