Industrial Micro-Fiberglass Anti-static Water Removal Coalescing Filter Element

Product Details

Fiberglass filter media is manufactured from inert micro-fiberglass material bonded with a stable resin, randomly set into a multi-layer composite.
Fiberglass media was considered a breakthrough in filtration technology when it was first introduced, because of its unique combination of high removal efficiencies and high permeability. Microglass fibers have very fine diameters, resulting in more void space, thus providing greater dirt-holding capacity and increased flow rates. The fibers also have high surface charges, enabling them to attract polar compounds, such as water, out of hydrocarbon process streams. This "wettability" makes fiberglass filters effective coalescers, removing water and other liquids from refined product and natural gas.


Our micro-fiberglass filter elements are an appropriate selection for a majority of applications for liquids and gases. Micro-fiberglass filter elements offer extra protection for your filtration system because of their increased dirt holding capacity and particle capture efficiency. The fibers in our filters are typically small and uniform in size. This keeps contamination out of your system for longer system life and less downtime

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