Hydaulic Oil Spin on Suction Replacement Filter Element

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Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filter
Hydraulic filters are used in demanding applications of filtration of oil at any operating conditions. Irrespective of operating conditions like high pressure, low pressure, highly viscous oil, or highly contaminated oil, we have best adequate solution for these applications. We have filters which can remove moisture contents from oil.

Hydraulic filters are subcategorized as
Suction strainer
Return line filter
High pressure filter
Medium pressure filter
Low pressure filter
Offline & portable mobile filter unit
Replacement filter elements
Moisture removal filter

Senming manufacture full range of wire mesh suction strainers for export to Germany, Singapore, America, etc. Extra caution should be taken to ensure that the suction elements are always mounted below the minimum oil level of the reservoir. Standard models have nominal filtration ratings of 74 or 125 microns. The suction strainer elements can also be supplied with a bypass valve to reduce high pressure drops caused by contaminated elements or high viscosity fluids during cold starting. The bypass valve opens at 3 psi. For best results, suction strainer elements should be sized for clean element pressure drops off no higher than 0.5-.07 psi.

Filter media
Borosilicate glass fiber media
Glass fiber with lamination
Resin impregnated paper media
SS wire mesh
Synthetic fiber media
Sintered metal Fiber Media

Power plant
Heavy earth moving

Anping Senming Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd now brings customers the best quality and durable hydaulic oil spin on suction replacement filter element at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various filtration products in China with main export market in America and Europe. Providing you with the most advanced manufacturing capabilities, we warmly welcome you to buy products with our factory.